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My Philosophy

My Philosophy of the Body

I believe that we are created to be unique and amazing. Starting with the first cell division, our spirit lives in our body. We organize around a dynamic midline which can be found in our core and spinal column. As we go through life, we are shaped by life. Even during birth we face trauma and hardship. We can get stuck in these life traumas and start to orient around them. I believe that the body is inherently wise in healing itself, but we get in the way a lot of the time. Through bodywork and relationship connection, these patterns can be uncovered. The soft tissues hold the memories of the past for us even in the present. If someone wants to change a habit, they should work with their soft tissue and body, otherwise the body will keep going back to that same old place.

Awareness gives us choice. Through somatic bodywork (massage that works with the body and the being) a person takes notice of their tendencies and can choose to change them if they want. I believe that it is always good to be learning about one's self. I approach my clients in a somatic way; they are a whole being—body and soul. As I work with their physical state, we explore their mental and emotional world as affected by life experience. I also help guide healing through trauma so that people can live freer and with more joy.

I believe that well-being today is about finding a state of balance where you can be a part of the world but still maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health. Bodywork can help that process, along with learning about yourself and what serves you best.

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